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The Just Gel, Baby! crib mattress is a break through in baby mattresses. This one of a kind baby crib mattress is design to be as safe and comfortable as possible. This begins by using a material that is as organic as possible, Intelli-gel. This gel is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. It is also very breathable. This makes the Just Gel, Baby! crib mattress the safest baby mattress on the market today. It is also the most comfortable mattress you can give your baby. Intelli-gel offers superior pressure relief compared to any foam out there. This means less tossing and turning so that your baby sleeps soundly and comfortable through the night. And when your baby sleeps through the night, you do too.


Standard crib mattresses made with foams can degrade or off-gas toxic fumes affecting your baby's sleep and health. Just Gel, Baby! is the only baby matress made with completely non-toxic Intelli-gel® rather than foam, a gel so safe it's approved for use in baby bottle nipples.


Your baby's sensitive skin requires special care. Other matresses contain latex, wool and synthetic materials which can cause skin irritation and disrupt sleep. The hypoallergenic, Intelli-gel in Just Gel, Baby! is covered in 100% natural organic cotton for your baby's natural comfort.


Intelli-gel is a co-polymer gel used in hospitals for over 10 years for it's natural resistance to bacteria and fungi growth. Every mattress comes with an easy to remove advanced wicking washable cover to protect against moisture, bed bugs, dust mites and other harmful allergens.

pressure relief

Intelli-gel's excellent pressure relief makes it a great choice to fight cradle cap and plagiocephaly (the flat head condition caused by tossing and turning on too firm a matress) Let's face it, when your baby sleeps better, you do too!


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